Cursed New England

Space Gallery 2011

In an odyssey that began along the banks of the Woonasquatucket River, I set out to find what New England had to offer in the way of joyful spells and rituals performed for the creation of a new consciousness! In this effort I join forces with a musician (or band of musicians) from each New England state. From their songs I seeked out visions to build into new worlds made out of paper and glue, pixels and frames. Heavily curious about New England's past practice of harboring feminist spiritualists, witches, revolutionaries, and radical souls. I believe that there is, now more than ever, a place for music, rituals of the night, and local idiosyncratic customs in personal and collective transformation. For now is the time to remember the magic inherent in being made of flesh and bones and synapse and song!

The End 2